Export Maya/C4D keyframe animation to Unity3D

Maya keyframe animation to unity:

  1. Select the model, export as fbx
  2. Setting: file type specific option-presets-animation-check animation - bake animation: check, type in the animation frame range, check “Resample all”

3. In unity, drag in the model, under Inspector, animation: add clips for different animation status, e.g. default non-animated and animated one, change the start and end frame below

4. Create a new animation controller (named test) and attach to the object,

5. Open the controller (animator window), drag in the 2 animation clips, there is where we set the trigger of each animation status, for example, animation status 1 is the default animation looping all the time, and when we press k, animation status 2 will be triggered.

Reference: https://youtu.be/h9ErT0If-R8

C4D keyframe animation to unity

  1. Export as fbx, check the tracks to keep animation frames.

2. Import to unity, the same process as import Maya animation to unity, refer to step3 on the top of this file.

Reference: https://youtu.be/BNNesTZrmJg